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Learn the Powerful Skills of Covert Hypnosis and Seduction For Sexual Bliss – But Beware the Dangers

When the United States’ Astronauts, under the bold Proclamation from President John F. Kennedy, landed on the moon, how exactly did they get there?

Did they build a giant rocket, and point it vaguely in the direction of that luminescent ball in the night sky, and keep steering it until they got there?

When Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe, did he head west, hoping he would come out on the other side?

When the Chinese built the great wall, did they pile up a bunch of rocks in vague hopes it would keep out the Mongol hoards?

Absolutely not. Great accomplishments take great planning. Detailed, specific planning.

Unfortunately when most guys think about their love life, the source of the most physical, emotional, and sexual pleasure they will ever receive, they spend hardly any time, if ever, on planning for a specific result.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose your future. You can choose the exact relationship that you want, with exactly the kind of girl you want. You can learn a set of tools to find her, attract her, and not only seduce her, but seduce her in such a way that she will happily fulfill all of your sexual and emotional needs while fulfilling hers at the same time.

Simply because most guys bumble their way through this area of their lives, hoping to “get lucky,” or “end up” in a happy relationship, you don’t have to.

Conversational skills, seduction skills, skills of reading body language are easy to learn and powerful to apply.
Learn to read body language, so that you know exactly what girls to approach, and whom to pass by. Is she open? Is her body facing you? Does she look down before she looks away? These are clear signs she wants you to talk to her.

Set your criteria for exactly what you want in a relationship. Learn skills of conversation to elicit her criteria, and use covert skills of conversational hypnosis that will allow her to find her criteria met in you.

Skills of conversation, attraction and seduction can easily give you the skills to create incredible feelings of emotional and sexual desire in her for you.

This is your life, and you only get out of it what you put into it. Because a positive, happy relationship can be such a wonderful source of sexual and emotional pleasure, you owe it to yourself to get really good at these skills. Make it a life long mission to learn and master these skills.

One of the best things about them is that once you’ve attracted and seduced the girl of your dreams, you can continue to use these within the relationship to keep her sexual and emotional desire for you incredibly strong.

Be careful though, these skills are very powerful, and can be applied with or without ethical considerations. If these are misused to create a series of quick and easy sexual encounters, there will undoubtedly be emotional damage. Use these skills wisely.